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Do you see a treasure hunting in your future? Jungle Wild Slots can take you to an area that time forgot. In the jungle, hidden deep in a forbidding forest, you will find treasure of immense wealth. There are suggestions and indications that point to the exact location of this prize. You have to search for the clues and follow them to unlock the riches that are beyond your wildest imaginations

WMS Gaming is renowned for its great-looking themed slot machine games. Jungle Wild slot machines are part of WMS Gaming’s G+ Series of games. The G+ slot machine games are known for their “Big Win” celebration and free bonus spins. The screen displays the “Big Win”, which is when you are a decent winner. This could be 100 coins or more. Along with the words “Big Win”, images of coins popping out of an imaginary fountain will be displayed on the screen. A song will play from your machine’s speakers as you count down the “Big Win!” of your winnings. This happens after a single win, as well as following the completion of the free spins.

Jungle Wild is a five-reel, 20 payline video slot. You can wager as many as twenty coins per payline, even though it is a true penny-slot. The maximum wager you can place is typically $4.00 per spin. It seems that slot players win only a small amount with each spin. Jungle Wild Slots’ free spins keep players coming back.

The pyramid is the scatter symbol of Jungle Wild Slots. If three pyramid symbols are visible on the reels, the free spin feature will be activated. A person could also win more free spins by playing during the free games. This is possible by simply getting three or more pyramid symbols to appear on the screen. You can play the free spins while two reels remain wild. Every symbol on the featured reels is replaced by wild images, so each icon on the reels becomes wild. The wild reels are often chosen randomly and can change with every spin. The free bonus spins can bring in substantial cash wins, as you can see. These free spins will provide you with the most entertainment.

You can choose from many different types of slot machines once you get to the casino. Jungle Wild Slots, however, is one of my favourite slot games. Many other slot gamer have also developed a love for this particular slot machine. Jungle Wild slot games have been found in many Indian casinos, Las Vegas casinos, as well as Harrah’s New Orleans. On weekends, it is possible to find Jungle Wild Slots machines empty. I cannot honestly say that I have hit a major winner while playing this slot. However, my wife has won many times. Most of the time, $500 is the most likely win if you wager the maximum amount.

I have some tips for players of Jungle Wild Slots. We have found that once you win a big win, which can be anywhere from $200 to more than $200, it is best to cash out of the machine and move on to another one. This is a rare win. I have seen many people withdraw large amounts of their winnings from the slot machine, only to regret it later. As far as risk and bankroll go, your playing style will be the one you choose.

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