Freelance Editing – Find Unadvertised Jobs

Have you got editing abilities? If this is the case, think about an independent editing livelihood: Programmers are in high demand, and should you market yourself effectively you’ll get hired both by authors and by publishing businesses. As publishing businesses cut back on employees, I have discovered that freelance editing projects are being promoted on the outsourcing websites.

This may be an chance for you. If businesses are advertising about the outsourcing websites, it usually means they’re desperate. Usually they would hire people they know, therefore all you’ve got to do in order to acquire unadvertised editing tasks is to become somebody they understand.

Try out this procedure.

1. What Specialties Have You Got?

Primarily think about your own specialties. Publishing homes need experts when they employ editors. If you have been writing posts for parenting publications for instance, you may consider yourself an expert in parenting subjects. Consequently, process publishing houses that publish parenting publications. Parenting is a very broad field, with lots of chancesĀ online editing jobs.


An independent editor friend explained that she obtained her past three editing tasks via Twitter.

The social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming hugely popular in the last couple of months. They are used as severe tools by businesses.

Major hint: before you get started using these websites, do make sure that you have a Web site of your own that explains the job which you do. If at all possible add testimonials; reviews are vital since they supply social proof of your abilities.

3. Approach Writers Directly

Every expert writer understands that one of the advantages of working with big publishing houses is that you just get to work with fantastic editors. An experienced editor may turn into a rough-diamond manuscript to some sparking stone.

Many authors employ freelance editors to assist them to receive their books ready for publication, because nowadays, a book must be near prepared for publication as possible before it is delivered to an agent or a publisher. It’s possible to make contact with authors readily: approach them via their Internet websites. Make sure that any authors you contact are published by a conventional publisher; specialist authors understand that the worth of great editors.

3. Get Testimonials — They Are Vital

We have already mentioned that you want reviews, but it bears repeating, since in the event that you do not have testimonials, you are going to find it rather tough to find work.

Here is the way to obtain testimonials: finish a few tasks on the outsourcing websites, solely with the goal of getting testimonials to your own work. It is worth the attempt.

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