The Misunderstood Magic Of Congruence To Boost Your Sales

Follow the Odor. Keep the road. Keep the narrative the same. These have all been used to describe the should make sure your message stays on track.

The sales funnel might become considered a long process, and people drop from it for most reasons. Time, diminishing curiosity, and shifting worth. But the one thing which kicks more people unnecessarily out of your sales funnel would be just a lack of congruence.

What in the world does this mean?

Imagine you are walking down the street. You’re hungry, but you are not sure what you need to eat. Unexpectedly you smell something yummy. You aren’t sure what it’s. You see that a indication that says”Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.” That’s it. You would like one particular.

The sign is facing a door, so you walk through. You find some stairs. Halfway up the staircase the smell gets poorer and weaker. Though you can’t smell that yummy smell anymore, you are in for a penny, in for a pound. You open the door to find…

… an icecream shop.


Wow. Something’s wrong. It has just five pennies a spade. The girl working behind the counter is truly cute. Except you feel robbed. You were duped into believing you were becoming a very important factor, but then you were delivered something else.

Would you haveĀ clickfunnels cost per month purchased some ice cream was it promoted properly? Maybe. Are you going to buy some ice cream now? Definitely not.

Straight back to the street you’re gone.

You went out of a beautiful idea in your head, based on a smell from the street, into a darkened stairs, to something different than you had expected.

And to top if off, the owner of the ice cream shop probably thought that they had a killer product, therefore they can advertise it any way they wanted to, and it’d sell itself.

Are you currently making the identical mistake?

If you are advertising Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, you’d better be sure their clearly defined as such the way through the sales funnel.

You have to smell like them onto the street. The shop has to get a picture of on the window. The name of the shop had better hold the name”Philly cheesesteak” somewhere in there.

The team that chooses orders had better mention the name of the shop, including the words,”Philly cheesesteak,” whenever they greet you.

There’d better be articles in the local newspaper saying how delicious the sandwiches are if customers enter the shop. And the area had improved smell and sound like there are Philly cheese steaks cooking in kitchen.

Consider your own sales funnel. From the very first thing your customer sees on the world wide web, all the way down to the”buy” button in your website. Might it be congruent? Does this tell the same story all of the way through?

Get Started On-Line With This Basic Marketing Funnel

You have the blog, you have the auto-responder, and you may even have a capture page, but for some reason you’re still not seeing the results you thought you would. People are looking at your capture page and then leaving like you just offered them a Bible at a Scientology conference. Setting up a marketing funnel is easy once you get a few concepts and strategies in place. Here is a funnel you can tweak and use with any online business.

Know Who You’re Talking To

Picture in your mind who your perfect prospect is – Is it a He or a She? 25-35 years old or 40 years old? New to the concept of starting a home based business? Is this a fair statement, it’s not what you say… it’s how you say it? You would speak differently to a 40 year old man than you would to a 25 year old woman, right? Know your target audience and make sure you are speaking to them specifically. Being very specific with your message will do two things: 1) Connect with your target prospect on a very personal level and 2) Scare away the people you’re not talking to.

Pre-sell Your Capture Page with Your Content

You will see a lot of people putting out ads that have a powerful Hook or Headline. If you don’t capture your viewer’s attention with your headline, there is little chance that they will continue reading the rest of your message. You can also use stories that emphasize the benefits of your product and pre-sells the idea or peaks your reader’s interest enough to get them to visit your capture page. You can pre-sell in a video, an article, a blog post, or a Facebook discussion. However you choose to put your content out there, make sure it has these elements to effectively pre-sell your benefit:

Frames or Identifies the problem that your benefit is going to solve
Agitates the problem by conjuring up images of your reader being in pain, frustrated, upset, sad, miserable
Teases your reader by asking them clickfunnels pricing plan, “What if there was a way to experience [your product as a solution to their pain]?”
Call to Action – “Go here to find out how you can banish cellulite for Good!” Compel your reader to do something with your content other than just read it. If you use video, you can even explain what they will see next and what to do once they get there.

Calibrate Your Capture Page with Your Content

Once you have built up enough anticipation, send your reader to your capture page. Make sure that the benefit you promised in the pre-sell content is listed somewhere as a benefit on your capture page. Using the Call to Action example from above, your capture page might say something like, “Learn the 2 simple moves that will banish cellulite from your body for good!” Think of the process like this… If you search for remedies for cellulite on Google and you get search results for breast augmentation, you’re probably not going to click on the results for breast augmentation because that’s not what you were looking for. Ideally, your capture page should list 3 to 5 solutions or benefits that are relevant to your reader.

To Freebie or Not To Freebie…

If you have given your email address to someone in exchange for information then you have a basic understanding of what compels people to exchange their information. A Free resource guide or access to a step-by-step video demonstration are both examples of Freebies that will get people to give you their email addresses. Depending on what you promised, you can deliver the freebie by a series of email messages or you can redirect your reader to a Thank You page where they can download your resource guide right away. People are looking to access information NOW, so don’t make them wait.

If your company offers free samples of your product, your reader will need to give you an address to send it to, right? Or your online opportunity might offer a Free 30 day trial to your customer if they sign up before leaving your page- these are also good Freebies to give in exchange for your prospect’s information.

Give Your Audience a Taste, but Don’t Feed them Yet

Use your content to wet your customers’ appetites. Threaten to solve their problem and give them the [desired results] they’ve ONLY dreamed of until now. Give them the appetizer for FREE and then eventually, when they buy your product, they’ll get fed. Don’t be afraid to give them a glimpse of what they would otherwise have to pay for. Give them part of the whole solution for FREE to show them how valuable your product is. If you are already solving pains and frustrations for free, your customer will be more compelled to give you their information to get more from you.

The Secret Sauce

After you get your message right and you frame the problem, you’re going to agitate the problem. You’ve given your prospect a strong call to action which leads them to your capture page and then you give them even more value which makes them give you an email address. Here is how you close them with automation:

Use 3 to 5 emails to give even more value and establish a relationship with them
Use 2 to 3 emails to tell them about an upcoming webinar or presentation [maybe Your company’s weekly training] and how it has benefited you financially.
At the end of the training call, you will offer to show your prospects exactly how they can build a business like yours by joining your XYZ opportunity.

The Basic Funnel Step-by-Step

A. Create content that pre-sells your benefits to your target audience

B. Call to Action to get your customer to your capture page

C. Pre-sell benefits match Capture page benefits

D. Deliver what you promise, but just the appetizer in exchange for an email address

E. Use 5-8 email follow-up messages to deliver more value, establish a relationship, and promote your upcoming training webinar

F. Close your prospect at the webinar and make them an offer to join you.

Focus on this set-up, especially the content piece, and you will start to see your visitors change into leads and your leads into business partners.


Sales Funnel Analysis – How To Make A Sales Funnel From Front to Back

A sales funnel is a powerful marketing tool, particularly for online marketers who typically don’t have a chance of having personal contact with their readers and customers as it’s all done online. The sales funnel’s purpose is to put a potential customer through a series of steps designed to lead them through a funnel so that if and when they reach the end, they’ll have little choice but to purchase the offer being marketed to them.

There are a lot of different ways to make a sales funnel. One popular tactic when it comes to internet and affiliate marketing is to base your sales funnel around an autoresponder which is essentially a miniature sales funnel itself clickfunnels pricing plan.

Sales Funnel Analysis

Let’s take a look at this sales funnel analysis chart and the various components of the funnel:


Marketing is step one. Technically you’re marketing all throughout the funnel, but this is that initial contact where someone finds you online whether that’s through an article on an article directory, your Facebook or other social network page, or on your website itself. This first contact should establish the problem which the reader is having and then convince the reader to click through to your squeeze page or to some place where you can capture their email address. You can convince them by offering a solution to their problem which you established on this page, but the only way they’ll get that solution is to click through to your squeeze page.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is step number two. You direct your traffic from that initial contact page from step one to your squeeze page. The squeeze page is where you convey that the solution to the problem established in step 1 is in the autoresponder.


The autoresponder as I mentioned in opening is like a miniature sales funnel itself; it’s a set of prewritten emails which automatically are sent in linear order to every new subscriber on your list.

The purpose of setting up an autoresponder is threefold, to develop a relationship with your new subscriber so that the person becomes more acquainted with you and your brand, to get them in the habit of expecting emails/content from you in the future, and finally to sell. You can and should set up your autoresponder in the format of delivering a solution to your subscriber over the course of that autoresponder.

The autoresponder can be set up like a training course, offering tips and tricks for overcoming the problem while holding out on the complete and real solution – your product. This way, there is a healthy mix of free value and selling. This barrage of sales pitches for your product will typically work by the 7th email. If it doesn’t then you can go to the optional step four.

Follow Up

If your subscriber still hasn’t purchased your product after your lengthy 7-10 (recommended) autoresponder series, then they likely aren’t going to be persuaded by just another email about it. This is why I recommend that you send them a follow up where you offer your product to them at a special discounted price.


Hoorah! The sale has been made. Hopefully your product is of high quality so all of that selling will be worth it and you won’t see any refunds. If you’re tracking which email is linked to that purchase, you can place them in your segmented folder of existing customers as it’s valuable to be able to differentiate customers who have made a purchase from you versus subscribers who have not.


Your backend sales are where you make your serious money. This is a second, typically higher tiered product which you’ll offer to your customers who have purchased your first product because statistically someone who has previously made a purchase from you (existing customers) are much more likely to make a follow up purchase from you in the future.

Ideally you do have a relevant backend product which can piggyback on the success of the first product and offer your customer even greater value, and ideally you can start promoting that to your customer as soon as they purchase that first product (and still have their credit card out). I covered backend sales in full yesterday, so check that out.

There’s your sales funnel analysis; it can exist in a variety of formats, but this is one which is very effective at turning website or social network traffic into customers and pretty much on 100% automation at that.

Ideally you do have a relevant backend product which can piggyback on the success of the first product and offer your customer even greater value, and ideally you can start promoting that to your customer as soon as they purchase that first product (and still have their credit card out). I covered how to make backend sales in full yesterday, so check that out.

There’s your sales funnel analysis; it can exist in a variety of formats, but this is one which is very effective at turning website or social network traffic into customers and pretty much on 100% automation at that.


Internet Marketing Affiliate System

Choosing the correct internet advertisement affiliate tool to get you is not ever a simple undertaking but at the time you’re done reading this short article you should have pretty solid grasp of exactly what lots of people today are these days mentioning is that the most effective paying affiliate application on-line now!

If it regards earning the big bucks online you’re definitely going to have to know just a few things .

Free of Charge tip Number 1 Locate a Good Product To Market

If you wish to create the sort of cash the pros are earning on the internet you should locate a good product or service to market. A product that has endured the test of time, people rave around, and real value to it’s customers clickfunnels pricing comparison.

You are not likely to discover at a e book or any sort of additional informational item. This really is why many people today are now declaring The Complimentary Funnel System by Ty Coughlin could be the best online marketing affiliate application. He’s setup the reverse funnel strategy to advertise a exclusive traveling membership to get a well understood, debt-free company known as Global Resorts community. It is an exclusive travel journey which allows you to stay in above 5000 4 and 5 star hotels across the world for pennies on the buck.

No Cost hint No 2 Find A Solid Marketing Method

Pay attention, in case every internet advertising affiliate application had a good marketing and advertising system which clinically altered we’d all be loaded! But they don’t really that is why you have to become mindful and sign up to the right affiliate program. Ty Coughlin has developed the top income generating promotion system the web has ever seen. It is bursting the delusion which people cannot make a large amount of cash at a brief period of time.

The Complimentary Funnel System contains a number of the world’s most powerful prospecting, marketing, and closing without having to talk with anyone! It can everything for you, whatever you should do is send folks to your site and also for every purchase you get $1, 000! The best part it is really a two-tier affiliate program so you receive money $1, 000 on whatever makes per sale, daily!

Since’s some commission!

Totally free hint Number 3 Locate Yourself A Mentor That Knows What They’re Doing

Just like everything in living the true solution to being successful on your new internet advertising affiliate application is surrounding yourself with the perfect folks. Look for a pioneer in the industry which can allow you to get going and show you the principles which means you may get started making revenue ASAP.

You’ll find lots of people out there who are far more than willing to assist you feel successful on line and also finding just one is your best decision you could ever possibly create. In final The Reverse Funnel process continues to be shown to be the no 1 website advertising affiliate application online now because of the item, the marketing, and also most folks.


Content Network Tips – Money Making Sales Funnel

Utilizing content network traffic to funnel highly qualified results in the top of one’s hard earned money making sales funnel is just a really solid and strategic small business version and that really is how it will work.

Focused Traffic

First you must buy specific visitors using key words that are linked for your supplies in order for the ads will come facing the ideal people. Make certain your text ads or image advertisements are compelling enough for folks to click on as a way to pay a visit to your website or landing page clickfunnels price.

Gross sales Funnel

You must have a gross sales process or even a revenue funnel as most direct marketers would call it. Your landing page needs to be able to capture the emails from your own visitors so that you can follow them up and provide longer offers with them.


In the place of going to the selling directly off the bat, then your attention ought to focus about generating leads in to the peak of your funnel. After up with e mail can be crucial,

case it’s right, you are able to follow up with a postcard, a letter, even a number package deal in the mail or a call.


When following up, in place of constantly presenting sales pitches, you could give some completely free valuable content or samples. If you may send out them valuable and interesting content, then at the same time you combine your promotional offerings in them, then you may possibly get much superior sales conversions.


See money circulation closely as some contributes out of articles system may perhaps not buy about an identical day that they see your own ad. It is all dependent in the industry, the nature of your goods, how clean your sales process will be and just how persuasive you are.

Forex Funnel – The Secret to Finding Riches in Today’s World

Every so often there’s a “gold rush” of sorts where everyone wants to join in the digging. These days, that “gold rush” is forex trading, and it involves the entire world. Within the last few years, forex trading has become quite the phenomenon – especially on the internet. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are software programs created for the purpose of aiding forex traders.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a forex system, then Forex Funnel is for you.The Forex Funnel system has been built by the top programmers and traders in the forex business. While most forex programs have been sloppily put together and thrown online just so the programmers can make a quick profit, This is a system that really will “funnel” money into your forex account clickfunnels price.

It runs all the time-even while you sleep. Every morning, when you wake up, you will want to hurry to your computer to see how much money you’ve earned during the night! If you’ve made wrong or unsuccessful trades in the past, then you’ll be glad to know that Forex Funnel never will. People can make mistakes, but Forex Funnel doesn’t.

Even if you’re new to forex, the Funnel system is very easy to learn. It’s very easy to set up and to manage. Instructions are easy to understand, and you’ll have it up and running in no time! Remember, this system has been created by some of the top forex traders out there, and it will “know” which trades will be good for you and which will be bad. It will be funneling money your way before you know it.

Thanks to the Forex Funnel system, you can earn all the money you’ve ever dreamed of. While everyone else is struggling with the bad economy, you can live a life of luxury thanks to Forex Funnel!