Betting Tips and the Value Bet in Soccer Betting

In his publication”Betting to win” Prof. Williams wrote:”If there was a golden era of gambling, that really is it”. He had been absolutely right. In today’s world of soccer gambling, we enjoy the services of bookmakers, online gambling tips and media news. But still there remain two major questions any punter has to answer just before placing his bet: who is your favorite and that which bet to place. Online gaming tools like betting tricks internet sites, team investigation แทงบอลออนไลน์ made by pros and the media news help you to select the match favorite and even to gauge the probability of triumph in almost no time. However, counting your profits by the close of the summer season, you locate them, at the very least, unsatisfactory. Why? The reason is evident: bad money management.

This report outlines a research conducted as a way to gauge the best parameters for currency management strategies. The study is centered on a contrast between numbers of top vs. secondary European football leagues playing in 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons.


In order to present the results of the research, a number of definitions are required.

“Value bet” may be the step of inconsistency between punters’ and also bookmakers’ predictions for the upcoming match outcome. Each outcome has a distinct price.
A value bet identifies only to this worthiness of potentially profitable outcomes. By way of example, when the likelihood of a triumph is 50 percent, then then merely outcomes with odds higher than two are considered a value stake. The formula is as follows: chances x the chances of a win. In case the value is more than 1, then the bet is considered a”value bet”.
The possibilities of dwelling win/draw/away win are projected by the normal frequency of their appearance in a season.
Kelly’s strategy defines the optimal stake a punter should place to a well liked.
Given the worth of each outcome, the benefit is calculated on the basis of the assumption that the punter places a stake according to the Kelly’s plan. If the betting bet is unfavorable, the punter does not play. The benefit is calculated using bookmakers’ average betting odds.
An optimal value stake is your value bet which brings the maximum profit.
A punter’s average make money from soccer betting is calculated for value bets from 1.01 to 2. The optimal value stake has been found to function as 1.38, offering within a normal profit of 12 percent to the top rated European Soccer Leagues. However, the optimal value stake for its secondary leagues has been found to be 1.5, leading to the typical profit of 19%. This gap means that a punter must have a higher confidence when gambling on a bluff that is secondary, than when gambling on a top league. The benefit is higher because bookmakers’ predictions are much worse, leading to attractive betting chances for punters.

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